Dream-Elite 6.0 public _OE2.5

Dream-Elite 6.0
-DM7080 OE2.5

Changelog of 18.05.2017

- python-cfscrape: update to 1.8.0
- added pyexecjs
- update dm900, dm7080, dm820, dm520 hardware drivers
- enigma2-plugins: move to own subdirectory
- nodejs: fix mips build
- fixed spinners not working in some cases
- fixed teletext spamming the logfile (stuffing bytes)
- mount dreambox-data partition to /data if available
- look for picons in /data/picon, too
- fixed display-screenshots
- fixed unavailability of network scan
- fixed tuner defaults for single C/T tuners and multitype C/T tuners
- fixed handling of DVB-T2 PLP IDs (fixes missing freenet-tv services)
- fixed a bunch of minor usability and cosmetical flaws in tuner related dialogs
- improved debug output during scan
- allow auto modulation for all Si216x based frontends in manual scan
- NimManager: re-add deprecated "getNimType" method
- ePicLoad: fixed flawed svg detection logic
- update dream-ci-plus to 8.0
- fixed some listbox problems (since 4.3.1r3)
- fixed crash in manual scan (since 4.3.1r3)
- fixed memory leak (since 4.3.1r3)
- fixed tuner config problems ... sometimes the SCR was not stored per LNB
- update linux kernel dm900 from 3.14.28 to last stable kernel 3.14.79 and update to last broadcom patchlevel
- bcmdriver: update for latest dm900 kernel
- update mmark picons
- update enigma2-plugins

Changelog of 19.05.2017

- update DE FHD skin
Manuell installierte .ipk, werden nicht alle übernommen!!

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